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malay.gif (455 bytes)Malaysia - Their fearless leader has blamed everyone in the world for the country's problems. When he starts placing the blame on his own shoulders, there may be some hope. However that will neither come in our lifetime or his. A failed economic program based totally one ill conceived ideas and racial bigotry.
Mexico.gif (2333 bytes)Mexico - Kidnapping has become a growth industry in this country where there is an economic  catastrophe at once every decade. Attaining political office in this country is a license to steal and the drug trade has controlled the country's every step in recent years. In spite of kind words from the State Department, Mexico is a blemish that should be addressed. Newly elected officials are making an effort. 
Morocco - A great place to visit. Probably the most westernized of the Arab Countries with leadership that seemed to be putting an interest in the affairs of their citizens ahead of petty squabbles that are indigenous to the region. The country is now under new management and we are hopeful of continuing progress. 
Nigeria.gif (2068 bytes)Nigeria - A blessed land where money seems to spring out of the ground as if by magic. However, honesty is not in their dictionary. Perhaps now with a new leaders, the people will have a chance of at least getting back to where they started from. 
Pakistan.gif (2518 bytes)Norway - A plain old country that wasn't going anywhere in a hurry and then they discovered oil and I mean oil in the North Sea. Now these guys are on top of the world.
Pakistan.gif (2518 bytes)Pakistan - Tops the world in corruption and is at the very bottom in growth. This is the right kind of combination that leads people to look to religion for salvation. That seems to be exactly what's happening here as the country heads downhill like a hot knife cutting butter.. No wonder this country shows the way to the rest of the world in the category of abject  futility. 
Pakistan.gif (2518 bytes)Peru - More history than reality. Strange doings by the  head of state and the secret service. The guy that straightened out the mess left on the first boat to Japan in order not to get his neck stretched. 
phillip.gif (419 bytes)Philippines - A "B" movie actor fan of former President Regan led the show here for what must have seemed like an eternity to the citizens. He drained the treasury, set up his mistresses in palaces, forgave thieves and criminals their transgressions if they were former national leaders and sent the country's economy spiraling downhill faster then the speed of light. He has been replaced by incompetency. We will continue to monitor the situation. .
Portugal - A once great naval power that has had a history of poor leadership. Entrance into the EU is giving them the chance of a lifetime to show their mettle. Could catch the gold ring if they stay close to the grindstone. 
RUSSIANFLAG.GIF (1964 bytes)Russia - Russia has become a criminal state where funds furnished by international organizations to help the people, more often than not  wind up in foreign bank accounts of the mafia. Their number one export is crime and the world has more to fear from them today then it ever did. The Russians that are left are survivors, that means, we may not be. 
Spain - A an early leader in the imperial sweepstakes. They bet on the wrong horse once too often and wound up sucking wind. Just as in the case of Portugal, the EU is giving these historic under-performers a chance to right their own ship. 8 to 5 says that they haven't learned the trick yet.
suda001.gif (342 bytes)Sudan Easily the Hell Hole of the planet and getting worse by the day.  These folks who were once conceived of as becoming the breadbasket of Africa (Its largest country) can not even support the minimum daily nutritional requirements of  a fourth world country. Revolution has torn the country apart and nobody anywhere seems to care. 
thailand.gif (225 bytes)Thailand - Vote buying capital of the universe. A purchase of the Top Job by a rank amateur created the Pacific Rim fiasco. Japanese Banks poured oil on the fire costing them billions. They are now on the long - long road back and are still screwing thing up. 
turk001.gif (259 bytes)Turkey- We believed that these folks really had it together and thought that they would  be heard from, big time in the foreseeable future. We went back to our drawing board and are not quite as optimistic but the only thing keeping them out of the big leagues is their long time enemies, the Greeks which have an  EU veto. The jury is still out, but they are a stretch runner. 
Ukraine.gif (2173 bytes)Ukraine - From the people that brought you Chernobyl you can learn new ways of courting economic disaster while the country burns. In the meantime, corruption abounds and those that had any brains got out while they could 
Pakistan.gif (2518 bytes)Vietnam - These super-warriors can't get their act straight in the real world. Maybe they ought to bid their time until they can get into another war. In the meantime, they are turning their country into tourist trap of war memorabilia.
zaire.gif (596 bytes)Zaire - See, The Congo, whatever, this place is just plain bad luck. First Mabuto pillaged an astounding 50% of the Gross Domestic Product out of the country and then the new guy,  Kabila comes along and grabs what little is left. This is one grim place.

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