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This section was created by Chapman Spira as a global guide for its international business clients. What we were trying to define was how markets tend to differ from each other in ways that are not readily apparent. Whether you are doing business or traveling abroad as a tourist, we think that the underlying will serve as a most interesting guide for your economic or pleasure traveling. We can tell you at the outset, that we were totally shocked by the material that is contained herein.

We intend to add a country a week to this list but I wouldn't bet my last farthing on it. These vignettes are very hard to put on paper (the net) in a way that not only will hold our readers interest while keeping a factual balance regarding the material. In spite of the fact that I wrote the material that follows this introduction, I can not help but believe that you will find most of the material  almost beyond comprehension.  

We ourselves almost have to scratch our heads when re-reading the material because it seems so outer-worldly. While we have been meticulous in backing up whatever is contained here with substantive data, we would welcome your experiences and comments and corrections.

Feature Article: The Gold Standard

wpeC.jpg (1304 bytes)Afghanistan -Believe it or not, the place really existed before Osama got here. The country is the size of Texas  and has about the same number of guns per capita. this place makes the wild west seem like a walk in the park
wpeC.jpg (1304 bytes)Bahamas - Located just off of the coast of the United States, the Bahamas has a most interesting history of grabbing failure from the arms of success. With tourism now a critical element in the Island's economic future, will they once again destroy the hand that feeds. them?
belarus.gif (377 bytes)Belarus - These folks got their freedom from Russia in the breakup of the Soviet Union and couldn't leave well enough alone. The guy that runs this god forsaken place thinks Stalin was the greatest man that ever lived and makes Attila the Hun look like Little Lord Fauntleroy.
Brazil.gif (1840 bytes)Brazil - Inflation has taken a terrible toll in this enormous country that always appears on the threshold of greatness. Brazil has shown great tenacity in snatching defeat from the arms of victory, always at the last second
Brazil.gif (1840 bytes)Brunei - There was so much money flowing through this country's coffers that most people thought that the gravy train would never come to an end.  However, the king had a brother that was either stupid or a thief, now everyone has to go back to work.

Cambodia - A man who came, seemingly out of nowhere was able to send his own country into the Stone Age. Pol Pot probably killed more people relative to the size of his country than any other despot in the history of this planted. 

China - A sleeping giant awakens and the world trembles. The world's most populated country is coming out and this isn't necessarily good news for any country that gets in its way. 
Congo - A study in scarlet. First they had a guy running the country that was able to steal 54% percent of the country's gross domestic product. They finally chased him off and then the new knight in shinning armor, sold the rest of his country to its envious neighbors. He's gone as well, but his kid is now the boss.  
Czech Republic - Maybe we should have left well enough alone. These guys were fast out of the gate and looked to become Eastern Europe's shinning example of economic progress after the "Wall" came down. We were far too optimistic. Now we don't know what they are going to do next. 
Egypt - The only thing worse than being a woman in Afghanistan is to be a homosexual in Egypt.  In spite of that, with crazy fundamentalists running all over the place the government has done a great job keeping the lid on.
Greece - Memories seem a tad longer in this neck of the woods. This is a strange little country where bitterness seems to have overcome logic. This NATO member always seems to be a tad out of step with its partners and has economically paid a gigantic price. 
HongKong.gif (2035 bytes)Hong Kong - What changes have occurred since Mainland China has been  running the show here and what can we expect from this point forward? Stay tuned as civil rights take a dive and the boys from Peking take over more of the show. 
india.gif (279 bytes)India - Harvard Business School could not have invented a better way of getting things perfectly  wrong. Are the Indian bureaucrats going to get it right now? This wonderland of  missed opportunities has made all the wrong moves so far and we are not convinced that they have learned anything. 
indonesia.gif (147 bytes)Indonesia - The inside story of the economy that was buoyed  up by the  International Monetary Fund when their pet duck took a dive. This place invested "crony capitalism" Watch them as they come apart at the seams before your very eyes. 
Iran - This a country where a few paranoid clerics are able to control the minds and bodies of millions of people through their supposed links with a higher authority. Eventually the masses will see through this mirage and send these folks packing.
Italy - It appears that most of the senior officials in this country have been on the take for decades. However, they did better than expected on their economic report card until recently. The country still has a major Mafia influence.
Jamaica - Garden of Eden #2. Screwed up by petty conniving and a corrupt political system. Probably more murders here per capita than any other place in the world. Grabbed Western interests and then screwed up the businesses and have gotten themselves into a pretty kettle of fish.  
japa001.gif (257 bytes)Japan - Through diligence and hard work the Japanese created an "Alice In Wonderland" economy where nothing was at it appeared. What is worse, they actually believed that it worked until the Pacific Rim collapsed. They have not yet paid the whole price as their banking system gets worse and worse and worse. .
Korea.gif (2518 bytes)Jordan - The new King in spite of traveling around a lot disguised as someone else has shown some flashes of early brilliance. He may just be a chip of the old block and represent some solid new blood, which is greatly needed in the Middle East.
Korea.gif (2518 bytes)Korea - These industrious people couldn't find enough places to spend their new found wealth. Unpleasantly for them, they picked investment havens such as the Ukraine and Brazil to invest their nest egg. Now they have become literally hysterical over of their relatives from North Korea. As well they should!!! We all should take heed. 
Korea.gif (2518 bytes)Libya - Omar the Tent has seen the light and it appears to have indicated that he better clean up his act before he disappears from the face of the earth. He is being a good little boy for the time being and is now pitching the African Nations on some form of union.

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