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Team Members

Robert A. Spira, Chairman

Robert A. Spira has a career spanning over forty years in the financial community.  Mr. Spira formed Chapman, Spira & Carson, LLC in 1989 to pursue private merchant banking opportunities, to invest in intellectual property and to offer investment banking services to his clients.  He currently is a director of Rhumbline Advisors, an investment fund managing over $8 billion for institutional clients.  He is the former President of Haas Securities, and he is or has been a member of the New York Stock Exchange, a member of the Boston Stock Exchange (where he served on the listing committee), a member of the American Stock Exchange (where he served on the Arbitration Committee), a member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (where he served on the Arbitration Committee and was a director of the District Business Conduct Committee - the ruling and enforcing arm of the securities industry), a member of the New York Futures Exchange (where he served as chairman of the New Business Committee) and the American commodity Exchange and a member of the Midwest, the Pacific Coast and the Philadelphia Stock Exchanges.
Mr. Spira has been an advisor to the House Commerce, Consumer and Monetary Affairs Sub-Committee of the U.S. Congress with regard to the securities markets.  He is a member of the World Trade Association, United States Senatorial Club, International Platform Association, Wall Street Planning Group and the National Options Society and is now or has been a director of American Philatelic Society, Professional Association of Scuba Divers and the Keystone Fund Group; he was the 1988 co-chairman (Fundraising) of the U.S. Olympic Committee and is a member of the prestigious U.S. Congressional Advisory Board.  After receiving a BA degree from Roosevelt University, Mr. Spira served with the Green Berets, U.S. Army during the Korean War.


David L. Morano, Senior Managing Director

David Morano has been on Wall Street for three decades, beginning as a member of the Boston Stock Exchange, where he was a specialist responsible for making the market in Chrysler, 3M, Sears, Dupont, Homestake Mining, Caterpillar and Hewlett Packard. In New York, David was employed by such firms as A. G. Becker & Co., Purcell Graham and Challenge Securities, where he was a floor partner.

David was also affiliated with Carl Icahn, specializing in merger and acquisition analysis. He was one of the early members of the New York Futures Exchange, where he dealt in currencies and various U.S. Government obligations. In 1986, he became a member of the New York Stock Exchange, where his clients included Merrill Lynch, Bear Sterns, Goldman Sachs and Paine Webber. Educated at Boston University, he received a BS Degree in Chemistry. David is a member of the National Association of Underwater Instructors and is active in the Jacques Cousteau Society.


Roy M. Lemkin, Managing Director

Roy Lemkin joined Chapman, Spira & Carson, LLC as a Managing Director after having served as a Managing Director at Mayer Capital and as a consultant for Simmex Industries. In these various capacities since 1995, Mr. Lemkin has negotiated in excess of $30,000,000 in contracts with IT vendors and customers worldwide. He has developed IT markets in Africa and the Middle East, including IT contracts valued at $1,000,000 in South Africa with Telkom, the largest telecommunication company in South Africa, and Noryich, a large insurance company. Roy has also developed IT markets in the United States for early stage technology companies, integrators and other IT vendors based in Israel.

He has negotiated IT service contracts with airlines, hospitals and clients based in the US. After the events of 9/11, he developed market entry strategies and structured corporate business models for Israeli start-up companies that had invented disruptive technologies by partnering them with Fortune 500 companies, focusing on Cyber terror, UAV and related issues. Roy began his business career negotiating and structuring government bids for defense products with the Israeli Defense Department office in New York City.

Roy Lemkin has served in the Israeli Defense Forces for nearly eight years and received an honorable discharge with the rank of Captain. During the 1991 Gulf War, he supervised domestic and international security protection for a US Airline in California. Roy holds a BA in Business & Finance from Baruch College in NY.


W. Robert Gibson

W. Robert Gibson, President of the Concord Group, Inc., has 35 years of experience in complex program planning, management, company start-ups and turn-arounds. He has started three financially successful entrepreneurial companies in widely diverse fields. Mr. Gibson provides technical due diligence services to major investors and strategic planning for corporations preparing to seek equity investments in their enterprise. He also assists in the commercialization of technology from National Laboratories and private industry.


William M. Noe, Managing Director

William M. Noe is an established venture capital and real estate executive who joined Chapman in 2001, after having been the Chief Executive Officer of Asset Development Corporation for more than 26 years. Formed in 1974, Asset Development Corporation provided consulting services and investment banking advice to enterprises seeking capital to undertake new business ventures or real estate developments. William has negotiated over $350 million in transactions, often joining client companies as an officer and shareholder to provide “hands on” management during the critical early stage of development. He assists in the documentation of a client’s business plan and financial forecast, then oversees the process of capital raising.

William is now or has been the Chairman of the Board of the Managing Director of three companies in the real estate and construction industries addressing the use of innovative building materials and fast tract building systems to mass produce low cost housing. He is an advisor to the Board of Directors of several companies in the computer, finance and technology fields. Prior to this, William was the Director of Communications for the Wall Street firm Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc. at the time of its acquisition by General Electric. He began his career on Wall Street as Vice President of Newberger, Loeb & Co., Inc., a member firm of the New York Stock Exchange.

William earned a Masters in Business Administration (Finance) from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Southern California. He has been approved by the State of New York to teach continuing education courses in real estate, which he has done at the New School for Social Research in New York City.



Larry Kars

Larry Kars, Experience: The addition of Larry Kars to our staff provides the firm with special expertise in tax matters from a legal point of view. Larry has just about been everywhere and done everything in his field.

The following is a short critique of his background.

Private Practice, 1979 to present Specialist in Federal and State Tax Law, Civil and Criminal tax litigation. Securities transaction. Cases litigated in Tax Court, Federal District Court and State Courts. Admitted to Second Circuit, Fourth Circuit, Firth Circuit, Seventh Circuit, Ninth Circuit and Tenth Circuit. Clients include partnerships, public and private corporations, brokerage firms, major known entertainers and artists. NASD Arbitrator since 1995, Assisted corporations in investigations, Financing, stock, stock option planning and analysis. Appeared on CNN and NBC as a tax specialist. Quoted in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel, 1965-1979, Senior Tax Trial Attorney, Developed, tried and negotiated settlements of tax issues, with respect to corporations, estates and individuals. Office foreign tax coordinator and corporate "slush fund" coordinator. Supervised office attorneys and served as acting Assistant Regional Counsel and Assistant District Counsel. Lectured Internal Revenue Agents at Hofstra University. North-Atlantic Region Coordinator and Senior Trial Attorney for Commodity Tax Straddles and cases involving securities of public companies. LL.M in Taxation, J.D. Law. Member Missouri and New York Bars. Represented Chief Counsel's Office in the following cases docketed before the Tax Court:

I.T.T - Rayonier; I.T.T. - Hartford - Simplicity Pattern:
Schering-Plough; American International Insurance; Bunge Corporation;
Deak & Co.; R.H.Macy; Barden Corporation; Singer Corporation;
Citizen's Utilities; and other cases involving valuation of publicly
held Corporations, real estate, and works of art.


Hisao Sal Miwa

Chapman, Spira & Carson, LLC and also the Chief Operating Officer and a Director of RealRead Inc., an online document service provider in New York and Tokyo. Sal is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. (AERT) a NASDAQ listed composite plastic building material manufacturer in Arkansas with 400 employees. AERT's decking product, "ChoiceDek" can be seen at Lowe's 1,000 stores across the country. In addition, he holds board memberships at a number of private corporations around the world. In the past 25 years, he was instrumental in forming several start-up companies in various fields from commercial real estate, to injection mold manufacturing, to importing fiber telecommunication equipment and has successfully managed these companies.

His areas of expertise include the management and operations of start-ups, international sales organizations, and bridging the U.S.-Japan cultural gaps. Sal graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Science Master degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering. Sal has also acted as a Japanese interpreter for many occasions including for a former U.S. President, Mr. Richard Nixon and the current World Bank President, James Wolfensohn.


Jules J. Haberman, D.V.M.  

A graduate of Cornell University's Colleges of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Haberman, since 1981, has been a consultant to industry, selected universities and private inventors. His expertise is primarily directed to working with patent attorneys, market appraisal and licensing of technologies in the life science and related fields. A new business due diligence advisor to investment brokers, Dr. Haberman was previously employed (1971 - 1981) by University Patents, Inc. As this corporation's coordinator of health-care intellectual properties, he was involved in planning and implementing, licensing negotiation strategy for a number of inventions. The licensees included such companies as Alcon Laboratories, Pfizer, Lederle Labs, an American Cyanamid Division (now American Home Products), Pennwalt and I.M.C. (Imcera). Since founding his own firm in 1981, Dr. Haberman has consulted such institutions as the Cornell Research Foundation, New York University's Medical Center, University of Arizona's Division of Industrial Cooperation and the Arizona Technology Development Corporation. He has successfully concluded agreements, on behalf of his clients, for pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical instrumentation inventions with, for example, Bristol Labs, Boehringer Mannheim Corp., S.I.B.I.A. (a Salk Institute Division), Infinitech, Inc., Synergetic, Inc. and Cobra Pharmaceutical Corp. Dr. Haberman is a member of  the Licensing Executive Society, and a one-time member of the Association of University Technology Managers, and the Arizona Patent Lawyers Association.


Peter P. Green III  

 Mr. Green has held executive positions with numerous corporations during the past 40 years.  He has been at the management level with profit and loss responsibility for such companies as the Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Zurich Trading & Commodities, Ltd. and Doubleday & Co.

  More recently, Mr. Green has acted in the capacity of a management, financial and distribution consultant to many domestic and international corporations.  Clients included such companies as Hoelter Industries GB, 3M, Grazia International, Ltd. and American Cyanamid, among others.  In this capacity, he negotiated key agreements, established distribution networks and arranged for corporate financing at almost all levels.

  Mr. Green has been well positioned on "Wall Street" for many years and as such he has arranged for both private and public funding for numerous companies both in the U.S. and abroad.  His experience in the equity and debt marketplace has included arranging for private placements, bridge loans, mezzanine financing, venture capital and initial and secondary public offerings.  Further, he has coordinated syndication between financial institutions and has been instrumental in structuring a number of mergers and acquisitions.

  For a number of years during the 1990's, Mr. Green serve as the executive director of the investment banking consulting firm of Chapman, Spira and Carson, LLC


Robert P. Wong

Robert P. Wong joined Chapman, Spira & Carson LLC, an Investment Banking Consulting Company in March of 2003 as a Senior Managing Director. Prior to joining Chapman, Spira & Carson, he was the President as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ergonomics Technologies Corp. While at Ergonomics Technologies Corp where he refined their business model and completed equity funding and then with the proceeds, implemented the business plan which incorporated the new business model. This involved a unique automation of the company's engineering offerings and delivery these services through an "intelligent" Web portal (patent pending) on a worldwide basis. Mr. Wong also served as the Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer of BCAM, a publicly traded company. Prior thereto, he was a founder and Chief Executive Officer of several technology companies including Ultrasonic Research, Inc., Sound Water Systems, Inc., Medix Technologies, Inc. and Uri-Thermix, Inc. (a publicly traded company).

For twelve years Mr. Wong was one of the principals involved in building Coordinated Apparel, Inc., a manufacturer, designer and distributor of boy's clothing. When Mr. Wong arrived at Coordinated, their sales were $14 million dollars a year. When he left, sales had risen to $200 million-plus.

Moreover, Coordinated Apparel successfully invested its excess cash into several high tech ventures, several of them were successful. In addition, he was the president of several of Coordinated Apparel's Information Technology companies. After graduation from MIT, he held various technical positions with Western Electric, Inc. (a former subsidiary of AT&T now known as Lucent Technologies, Inc.) including Department Chief of computer software development. Mr. Wong holds a SB in Electrical Engineering and a SB in Industrial Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the co-inventor of several patents and he is uniquely capable of analyzing and arranging strategic partnerships, authoring workable business models, managing companies with emerging technologies, developing sophisticated intellectual property, raising money while having a thorough working knowledge of GAAP, taxation and corporate structuring. Moreover, Mr. Wong has been a successful investor in numerous early stage companies.


Clement Barbot, Director

Clement Barbot joined Chapman, Spira & Carson, LLC a few months ago and is part of the management team. More information to come.


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