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Health Care 

The country’s population just isn't getting any younger. As medical science continues to improve our quality of life, it is extending it as well. This has been accomplished through a massive allocation of funds from both the public and private sector for research and care. These money sources are becoming problematical as is being brought home to us by the bounties now being paid for medical schools to produce less doctors, hospitals to release their patients earlier and countless congressional battles over Medicare and its benefits.

We are convinced that there is always substantial funding available for ideas within the healthcare field that either create better mouse traps or make the ones we use on a day to day basis more efficient and therefore more economical. Our staff in this field headed by highly regarded, Doctor Jules Haberman and Doctor Newell Crane, who are world class and have interacted with major health care officials from both the public and private sectors.

Incidentally, Chapman’s International head,  Kennon Brennen was recently awarded the privatization contract for the largest medical facility in West Africa. The award was  based on the quality of his team, the financial resources that would be brought to bear on the project and his plan of attack outlined in a massive business plan. The facility is now operational and the talk of the continent. Not only is the plant turning out generic pharmaceuticals but it is doing substantive research in holistic areas which we believe will offer great potential to the people of the African Continent as well as the world at large. 

We think that it would be interesting for you to understand that Ken is Black and has "been there and done that". He felt that the time was ripe to return something to his heritage and started an uphill battle to not only get permission to take on the job, but the needed financing as well. The total cost of the project will run into the tens of millions of dollars before it completed. The process required endless meetings with U. S. and oversees investors, meeting with U. S. and foreign diplomats and an almost endless job of filling out forms for every phase of the operation. The secret of Ken's success is simply guts, intensity, brains and desire. With those elements, anyone could have done the same. Maybe we can help you do the same. 

We welcome any thoughts or suggestions you may want to discuss in this area.



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