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"We don’t often think about it but one of the major reasons that the United States has been so successful in recent global economic competitions recently has been our ability to restructure the Japanese concept of just in time inventory to modern commerce. "
It is a little known fact that American Multinationals have been able to cut down the size of the inventories that they hold from over 60 days to under 30 days.

What occurs when you can control inventories in this way is economically staggering. The cost of attributable to warehousing, financing and obsolescence vanish and the bottom line profits expand exponentially. The firing of unproductive middle management and elimination of unnecessary benefits can often be the difference between a business success and failure.

Our staff, captained by Philip Stanger, a 40-year veteran of the aircraft industry, is experts at cost containment, marketing expansion, equipment utilization and inventory controls. We believe that in only a cursory walk through, ideas can be brought to the table that will substantially enhance your company’s bottom line.

If you have an interest in pursuing this, please contact us a your convenience.






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