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Wall Street can be a rewarding as well as frustrating experience. Principals of our firm have spent the better part of century involved in all aspects of the industry as members of the exchanges, chief executives of broker-dealers, arbitrators and officials for the NASD and exchanges and on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange itself. We have acted as consultants to people that want to get into the business, people that are in the business that want to get out of it and finally people that have been effected by it in one way or another.

We are experts in transaction analysis, exchange and SEC rules and regulations, listing and delisting requirements, arbitration procedures and the circumstances under which it can be avoided, the proper firms to bring public certain types of financing and all of the accruements that go with being a full time member of the community.

Our associates have also been deeply involved in the banking community as both consultants, advisors, expert witnesses and strategists. We have been instrumental in arranging financing for a number of substantial bank refinancings.

We are available for a consultation at your convenience.

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