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The alchemist that created the greatest cache of the precious metal owned by one individual in history was the Philippines own Ferdinand Marcos, a petty crook who ascended to power through a combination of graft and threats. Marcos could have taught the Mobutu’s and Bre-x’s of the world a thing or two about real theft especially, if you are talking about the shinny yellow stuff. Not trusting cash, especially the Philippine variety, Marcos accumulated inconceivable hoards of the metal. The Marcos’ family was sanguine over the stash that they thought was safely out of harms way in Swiss vaults until an energized global neighborhood has made it a mission to return assets stolen from innocent victims back to the rightful possessor whether it be victims of the holocaust or a national treasury that has been wiped clean.

His stash had become so legendary that it spawned a $9 billion fraud involving phony gold certificates purportedly guaranteed by the Marcos gold siting in Swiss Banks. Apparently, a group of counterfeiters attempted to borrow $7 billion on the hoard and were captured by a combination of Scotland Yard and Australian police when the entire deal unraveled. (3) The illegal transaction caused a clamor even beyond its enormous size as Philippine Officials, who had been searching for the gold since before Marcos’ death in 1989 without success thought they had finally hit pay dirt only to find another blind alley. When authorities questioned Imelda Marcos about her husbands wealth, she carefully explained that her industrious husband was an accomplished treasure hunter and in 1966 had stumbled across the trove of gold buried by General Tomoyuki Uamasita, who was the commander of the forces occupying the Philippines when world war II ended.

From this auspicious start he started trading the metal and made vast fortunes. Even if the forgoing fairy tale is true, it seems that the Japanese General may have caused more problems for the Marcos family than the gold was worth, you see, there was another resident of the Philippines, a subject so it happens of Mr. Marcos, who claimed in Hawaii Courts that the former president lifted a life size golden Budha, stuffed with a variety of fabulous goodies such as gold, diamonds rubies and pearls among others. This hoard was part of what was found in 1971 and for whatever their reasons the court in Hawaii awarded the estate of the now deceased treasure hunter the staggering sum of $22 billion big ones. Mrs. Marcos did not address the fact that even if the story she had woven was true, the gold that he dug up was undoubtedly the property of the Philippines and in any event the country would want it back.




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