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Continued from page 3

To graphically illustrate was is going on the mind of the leaders of the Belarusian Government, contemplate the following. Almost 80 per-cent of the country’s population is ethnic Belarusian, yet the educational system taught in that language is being totally dismantled. "Russian was restored as a second language after a referendum in 1995. Five hundred Belarusian-language school have been closed since 1994, and the last remaining Belarusian language high school in Minsk was merged with a Russian school in 1999 and few books are published in Belarusian…" * In reality, the Belarusian people have been disenfranchised by their own government as their language is fast becoming an artifact. Belarus is desperately looking to Russia as their only possible economic salvation. They are in the process of selling their birthright for an inexpensive flow of Russian gas and oil.

But forget about all of the problems that Belarus has, the world is facing a madman that still has an awesome inventory of Russian atomic weapons that could be unleashed by this maniac whenever his paranoid mind determines it is in his best interests. It is not comforting to go to sleep at night knowing what this creep has in his arsenal. If you are sleeping like a baby and would like to have something more to think about, read the medical record published Dr. Schigelsky Dmitry Ivanovish, a practicing psychiatrist in Belarus. His statement was made on January 1, 2001.

"My name is Schigelsky Dmitry Ivanovich. I'm a professional psychiatrist. My medical ethics and duty oblige me to address Belarusian citizens and international community with the following statement:

"Under art.25 of the Law "On psychological aide and human rights guarantees to patients" I, as a doctor, made a decision to diagnose the health condition of a citizen Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko without his agreement, as far as I have certain data at my disposal, which testify to his suffering from a heavy mental disorder, which poses direct danger to the surrounding people. The diagnosis - "a moderately expressed mental lunatic disease with dominating features of paranoid and brain disorder".

"Mr. Lukashenko's acting in capacity of the president of the Republic of Belarus presents serious danger to all Belarusian citizens and likewise for the peace and stability in the region. This becomes clear from his too high-self esteem and readiness not to scruple any means to preserve his personal sweeping powers. All the afore-mentioned, along with a direct danger, which the citizens of Belarus and the whole international community encounter in case of his continuing presidency, make me deliver the medical data I learnt to the international community."

Dmitry Schigelsky, psychiatrist

And guess what, this creep is the third most popular politician in all of Russia. This is particularly interesting in that he is not Russian, although he is totally surrounded by aged, former Communist hacks who found refuge in Belarus when their own system went down. The merger between the two countries, if completely effectuated, would give him the chance to run for national office in Russia, and with so many people suffering a dramatic drop in their standard of living, it is possible that this creep could make the grade. In addition, his disorienting public relations machine has been trumpeting the fact Belarusian’s are paid on time, have all the jobs that they can handle and that Lukashenko is head man at something akin to the Garden of Eden. What did P.T. Barnum say about fools. "There’s one born every minute."

"Lukashenko’s policies have given him a small but devoted following among Russians. Alexander Yegorov, head of the Development and Security Research Institute in Minsk, claims that Lukashenko’s endorsement in the next Russian presidential election "will be worth 5 or 6 million votes." If plans for Russian-Belarusian union go forward, there may be elections to a common parliament – and some day Lukashenko may even get a shot at occupying the Kremlin himself, as unlikely as that now seems. "The Moscow political elite thinks about Belarus maybe once a week, but Lukashenko thinks about Russia 24 hours a day."





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