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One great innovation that the Bahamian Drug Cartel has added to the lore of drug trafficking is the use of day trippers for offloading their merchandise in the United States. The routine is simple enough, a person buys a ticket on a cruise line which is going to take a day cruise to a Bahamian Port. Once at the port, passengers are allowed to disembark and receive a pass to get back aboard the vessel.

Once ashore, the day tripper changes identities with a drug runner who has substantial amounts of contraband tapped to his body. The new passenger buys the boarding pass from the old one for a substantial profit and boards in his place. No one is any the wiser and through this ingenious vehicle massive amounts of cocaine and other drugs are slipped passed customs agents in the U.S. The Immigration and Naturalization Service is aware of the situation and is monitoring it but apparently as yet has no solution to this complex problem.

Another interesting business that Bahamian residents have gravitated to is the production and sale of drugs that are supposed to treat numerous aliments but are not approved by anybody, much less the American Food and Drug Administration. Another wrinkle that heady Bahamians have jumped all over is the illegal labeling or counterfeiting of FDA approved medicines.

The FDA has become so concerned about the situation in the Bahamas that it has identified several wrongdoers, Interpharm, Inc and Northam Medication Service and the American Drug agency indicates that these companies are promoting a wide variety of products purported to treat various conditions, including depression, high blood pressure, fungal infections, fatigue, chronic bronchitis and hair loss, an unbeatable combination.. FDA Commissioner David A. Kessler, M.D. stated, "In some cases, the drugs are counterfeit -- lacking any real similarity to the approved drug. The uncertain character and quality of these drugs constitute an unreasonable risk to the public health."

 It will be interesting to see where laws in the United States are headed next as you can believe that the people in the Bahamas will try and find some way to circumvent them and make a profit. As head into the sunset, we can only be astounded at the resourceful nature of this Island People and hope that someday they can find a way to survive without swimming between the cracks.

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