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The principals of Chapman Spira and Carson have been on Wall Street as a group for over 100 years. the firm's members have had five seats on the New York Stock Exchange and have been members of all major American Exchanges. Associates have served in various capacities with the American Stock Exchange and the NASD as well. One of our principals was an original member of the American Commodities Exchange and the New York Futures Exchange

Our executives have acted as CEO or CFO of over a dozen Sizeable financially oriented firms and have acted as consultants for the United Nations, Congress, the U.S. Attorney, Depository Trust Company and several of the largest banks in the country. In several cases our principals are recognized as the authorities in certain esoteric areas of securities trading and have both testified before government bodies and written treatises on their subjects

Chapman, Spira and Carson is headquartered in the heart of Wall Street in New York. We have provided merger and aquisition, corporate finance and advisory services, Industry and market expertise and access to capital (specializing in sourcing funds for emerging ventures), domestic and international for many years.

Our team acts as totally independent financial advisors, free the take companies to the provider offering the most favorable terms. Further, we supply entrée to the New York financial community, including the leading investment banks, corporate law and accounting firms, investment funds, research analyst investment banks, and most important, venture capitalist. Our primmary goal is to establish long-term relationships with those who seek our business.

Chapman, Spira and Carson's combination of experiance, competence and personalized service make a big difference for public and private companies concerned with obtaining the highest quality and investment banking services along with timely availibility of financing. International companies and subsidiaries desiring access to the New York financial community, major investment banks and financial entities seeking to help firms complete smaller financial transactions, and private investors and investment groups seeking banking and advisory services for major investments, acquisitions and divestitures have all been satisfied with their relationship with our firm.

What sets us apart from other firms that arrange first and second round venture capital is our wealth of experience. This knowledge, combined with our focus on emerging high-growth companies, enables us to provide innovative proposals for the benefit of our clients.

Chapman Spira and Carson, LLC seeks to acquire operating companies as principal. Investments are made for the account of the firm and its partners, often in conjunction with outside investors. Typically, this type of acquisition is in the five million to fity million dollar range. Areas of interest are mature, low technology manufacturing businesses and service companies with growth potential.

In the area of Mergers and Acquisitions, our staff has developed mathematical models that are capable of evaluating the strategic benefits of various acquisitions. We also make recommendations based on relative merit and synergistic considerations.

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