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Credit card forgery and credit card thieves, more often than not make off with their victims’ entire identities.  Identity theft is also concomitant with the theft of stocks and bonds. The thief is well aware of the fact that the brokerage firm that is going to be selling the securities for you will demand proof of identity, and you can bet your sweet bippy that counterfeiters generally dislike using their own real names, social security numbers, addresses or bank coordinates.  Moreover, in a sign of the times, Identity theft is running about six times as high on the web as it is elsewhere because it is just plain, so simple to do.

Commercial copying of something rightfully belonging to another such as music or movies, while relatively harmless when done by the young and those out for a good time, is very dangerous in the hands of the sleazy characters that inhabit the shadow world of the net and the members of the terrorist community. Napster is an interesting example of naiveté, but the real world theft of music or of movies is a horse of an entirely different color. Moreover, this theft of services has literally been sanctioned nationally within certain particular geographical parts of the world and has become an integral part of the social customers throughout large parts of Asia and South America. When governments literally condone this practice, it results in moral decadence on a massive scale.



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