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A Touch Above

Authors aren’t the only people that tend to ascribe to a higher calling even if they have to use someone else’s material. More often than not, job hunters tend to make their resumes read a tad better than they really are. Do you remember the recent story regarding a senior American General or was it an Admiral that was wearing combat ribbons from places he had never seen and medals from campaigns that he never had participated in? The number of people that say they have graduated from Yale and Harvard are legendary. Moreover, with all of the schools offering degrees in exchange for a hefty payment is becoming a national disgrace and who cares who graduated from some of these schools, which are not even academically qualified to graduate people from kindergarten; it just doesn’t seem to matter. But stupid people apparently pay handsomely to place a degree on their resume whether it is earned or purchased however, doesn’t seem to matter in the least.

In the scientific community things are even worse and with the need to get more and more articles published in exotic scientific journals the numbers, of subjects that are virgin continue to diminish. Thus, very often in order to become tenured or better yet achieve the position of full professor, there is a degree of cheating that goes on in this sphere that is probably unequalled anywhere else. In addition, the universities themselves are part of the process, knowingly or otherwise because they keep raising the barrier. However, maybe you have to take the good with the bad.



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