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[86] This is a problem that is particularly pervasive in electronic banking. Because so many of use are now paying bills electronically, the thief can call himself let’s say American Telephone and Utilities and throw in an electronic charge of $5.77 that recurs every month. How many of you would be smart enough to catch it if it either on your bank account or on your credit card.

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[106] Through First American, as well as independently, BCCI forged alliances with banks such as the New York Intermaritime Bank in Geneva and Banca Nationale del Lavoro (BNL) in Atlanta, Georgia. Christopher Drogoul, BNL’s branch manager, and his assistant, Paul Von Wedel, were responsible for funneling $4 billion of U. S. Agricultural subsidies into Sadam Hussein’s war machine and they used BCCI and its affiliates in the process. BNL, like BCCI, issued letters of credit to facilitate the transfer of money and arms to Iraq. Iraqi officials used BCCI channels to deposit loans and kickbacks they received for military contracts at branches in Grand Cayman, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Some of the money was siphoned off into the pockets of Saddam Hussein and his coterie of trusted foot soldiers. Evil Money, Encounters Along the Money Trail, Rachel Ehrenfeld, Harper Business.

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[130] What is most strange about the bucket entries is their large size.  For example, in 1991, there was an entry labeled "Accrued Inventory" for $9,999,999.99. Also, in 1991, there was an entry labeled "Alloc Inv" (Allocate Inventory) for $139 million.

[131] It would have produced a stack of papers 300 feet high.

[132] The company was on a year ending on June 30.

[133] A thorough investigation of Ewton’s background would have revealed a number of questionable incidents. In 1973 the National Association of Security Dealers censured him. In the previous three firms he worked for, two were convicted for stealing money from customer accounts. A number of Ewton’s associates went to jail but somehow he escaped. Contemporary Auditing, Real Issues and Cases, Fourth Edition, Michael C. Knapp, University of Oklahoma

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[140] He was usually at one of his stores, his working day ran close to twenty hours especially at the beginning.

[141] The original underwriting ran into all kinds of problems when the brokerage firm doing the deal discovered that several of Eddie’s relatives including his mother were on the payroll for over six figures and were basically no-shows. They further uncovered what they considered to be substantial self-dealing along with speculative transactions that had nothing to do with the business.

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[143] Eddie didn’t trust anybody outside of his immediate family. Outside of his father and brother, his sister, another brother, his uncle, his brother-in-law and two cousins made up the higher echelon of management of the company. Just under them, were another dozen or so of assorted additional relative were on the payroll. 

[144] Last month Abraham Grinberg, former purchasing director of Crazy Eddie, was indicted on a charge of perjury in connection with the civil case.

44 Crazy Eddie 's troubles have embarrassed not only securities analysts but also some well-known investment banking and accounting firms. In lawsuits consolidated in federal court in Brooklyn, angry investors -- and the current officials of Crazy Eddie itself -- accuse a Big Eight accounting firm, Peat Marwick, of certifying false Crazy Eddie financial statements. They also accuse four securities concerns, Wertheim Schroder & Co., Salomon Brothers Inc., Oppenheimer & Co., and Bear, Stearns & Co., of failing to exercise "due diligence" in a series of Crazy Eddie stock and debenture offerings totaling some $189 million. All the defendants deny wrongdoing.

[146] As it happens, Patterson was only hired because a mutual friend had asked Jennings as a favor to give him a job.

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[157] Richard Biaggi, a partner in the law firm of Biaggi & Ehrlich was indicted for just about everything but the kitchen sink but most of the indictments were reverse. He was convicted of tax evasion.

62  Mario Biaggi -- The former Bronx congressman turned 80 on October 26. His political career was over for all practical purposes when in 1988 when he was sent to prison by federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York, for accepting bribes in the Wedtech scandal. He won his release from prison because of ill health after serving only two years. In a near miracle, he totally recovered his health and once again ran for his old office. People were not to be fouled again and Biaggi suffered a humiliating defeat poor health., Eliot Engel trounced him.

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[163] In Greek it means “process of healing”

[164] The deal was marketed by Donaldson Lufkin and Jenrette as well as the additional $325 million in bonds that the company sold.

[165] Dr. Hartmut Krukemeyer died in 1994 and his son, Dr. Manfred Krukemeyer inherited his empire for whatever it was worth.

[166] The Champion people were not left without spoils. The three top ranking executives of the company split $2 million for their troubles as well.

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41 "There seems to be very little learning on the part of leadership about how a major nonprofit organization should comport itself," said Jon Van Til, a Rutgers University professor who is a former president of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action.

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[180]  The Russians were not one bit happy with Hyhanen’s turning in their favorite spy and on November 8, 1961, he had an accident on either the New Jersey or Pennsylvania turnpikes. Naturally, the CIA announced almost simultaneously that he had died of the most natural of causes. His heart had stopped beating.

[181] His cover was that he was a photographer and an artist.

[182] In reality his real name was William Fisher; his father was Genrich Matveyevich Fisher who was an associate of Lenin’s.  

[183] Abel could handle higher mathematics with ease; he was an accomplished artist, a world class billiard player and a master mechanic.

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