BULL STREET - The art of the Con

Online Auctions

What could be more innocent than auctioning off a Beanie Baby online. A man by the name of Denlinger seemed to agree with that hypothesis when he started his con job. He offered hard to come by Beanie Babies in excellent conditions on just about every worthwhile auction that was available on the net. His offerings came with a list of substantive sounding references that were only nom de plumes for himself but when reading them, the looked to be the real thing. When anyone would check the references, they were referred back electronically to Denlinger’s e-mail and obviously he was given high marks in honesty, integrity and the quality of his on-time shipments by himself.

In order that his identity would not be discovered he gave his victims a pager number and said that it was his telephone number. In addition, he used commercial mail receiving agencies as places for the dupes to send his payments. Naturally he led them to believe that these agencies were his home address. Denlinger never delivered on anything that he promised and was inevitably tracked down and prosecuted. He pled guilt on March 2000 to fleecing over 200 victims of almost $50,000 and was ordered to jail for 12 months and the payment of restitution.



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