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Calling Card Fraud

Some of these frauds are rather basic in their fundamentals while others are highly technical in their composition. A valuable resource has always been telephone calling cards with their built in banks of phone access. In this particular case Bosanac was a hacker extraordinaire and was able to access the phone company’s  computers and down load access codes relating to company calling cards. He had created his own software program, which automated the project and was able to hack his way into cards having a value of just under $1 million dollars when he was arrested.

However, it is the rule rather than the exception as to credit or calling cards being printed onto the web for fun and profit. Any number of sites seem to thin that it is camp to display the live numbers of a literally infinite number of usable cards. Moreover, beyond the cards that are placed on the net, there are also computer software programs available, which will create logic combinations that will create or duplicate numbers that should relate to real credit cards. Amazingly while scanning the net, I came upon one of the sites and not believing my own eyes I was able to create a software program, which spewed  out these pseudo cards like it was going out of style

In any event, Bosanac pleaded guilty to possession of unauthorized access devices and computer fraud. The last we checked, he was still in the slammer. 



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