BULL STREET - The art of the Con

Counter Espionage

The United States made no bones about its belief that China has made off with a host of our military secrets that were located in highly sensitive research facilities. Moreover, these facilities were manned by people who had the highest clearance; however, that is not quite enough when national loyalties or substantial amounts of money can change hands. American Citizens who believed in Communism rather than Democracy, unquestionably leaked the secrets of the atomic bomb to Russia. Jonathan Pollard, another American, gave Israel valuable secrets in despite that country’s status as an ally. A host of Americans who held sensitive positions have been hired by the Russians for years, turning over valuable data and causing the execution of several of their compatriots.

Lately we have been seeing an almost unbelievable phenomena, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation being paid to give up our secrets to others. Moreover, these folks were really for the most part doing it on the cheap. When you consider that the amount of money involved was merely a pittance, you think that there is something missing from the equation. Maybe some people get involved in these escapades just for the shear excitement of doing it and never expect to be caught. It’s a little like the pyromaniac that sets big fires and then stays to watch them. He knows the risk he is running but wants to watch the fire.



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