BULL STREET - The art of the Con

The Invasion?,   err, yeah, it’s ..right over … there.

As they say, “anything is far in love and war”. Propaganda, true or fictional has been used successfully to win battles and wars. During World War II it was used to great success when the Allies were planning their invasion of the European Continent. The German’s had to be thrown of course and countless methods were conceived to do the job. The most interesting was the way they went about creating an entire phony army in the northern part of Great Britain. Patton was the general of this imaginary force, which consisted of rubber tanks, cardboard barracks, wooden planes, paper anti-aircraft guns and fabricated communications.

While this ruse worked to perfection, the intelligence people put together and even more complex strategy by taking the body of a recently killed soldier, dressing him as a rather senior officer, and then loading the corpse with carefully crafted documentation that showed the invasion taking place elsewhere. Part of the plot had contained an element that the Allied Commanders had to be convinced that the man’s papers had not fallen into the wrong hands when he died. This required infinite precision and care. The body was then dumped into the Channel and allowed to drift with the current. Oenologists had predicted where and when the Germans would find it and they were exactly right.



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