Written By Robert Spira & Shirley J. Goldstein
Edited By Shirley Goldstein, Georgia Hilton & Katharina Tap

January 1, 2004



The Two Rats - and a Wildcat.
A Definition of Crime Through the Ages.
The Changing Character of Crime and Its Penalties.
Urukagina's Code - 2600 B.C.
Ur-Nammu’s Code -- 2060 B. C.
Hammurabi's Code 1700 B.C.
The Ten Commandments--1300 B.C.
The Laws of Manu 1280 BC to 880 B.C.
Draco's Law: 621 B.C.
Lycergus' Law: 600 B.C.
Justinian's Code: 529 A.D.
The Seventeen Article Constitution of Japan 604 A.D.
T'ang Code 653 A.D.
Magna Carta: 1215A.D.
Napoleonic Code  1804.
The Geneva Convention 1864.
Declaration of Independence 1776.
GATT and the WTO 1948-1995.

The Symposium. Statistically Speaking, The Bottom line.  
What's a Con Not A Con? When He Isn't Caught!

A Brief History of the Con.
A Friend Indeed, "Father Gold".
Richard Whitney, The Evil That Men Do!!.
My Boy Bruce. A Child Star of Crime.
Hitler's Minions, The Art of Misdirection!.
The Classic Ponzi Con
Albania, A Land Of The Strange.
A Russian Ponzi  No Less.
Adam Worth, Sherlock Himself.
New Era Philanthropy Tries an Old Con A New Way.
Preacher Bob And His No-Account Software.
Henry Wiggins, Mr. Inside At Chase.
When E. F. Hutton Talked You Were In Trouble.
Martin Frankel, Insurance Was His Game.
Anthony De Angelis and His Magic Water Tanks.

The Old Time Religion
The Baptist Foundation of Arizona.
Greater Ministries International Church.

Industrialists That Had Clay Feet
The DeLorean, Cars, Coke, and Con.
Chainsaw Al.

Counterfeiting, Making Something Out of Nothing.
A Brief History of Counterfeiting.
Emanuel Ninger, A Man From New Jersey & Points East
Operation Bernhard - Counterfeiting in World War II.
Artur Alves Reis, The Theft of Portugal.
Thomas James Wise, Collector and Author Extraordinaire.
Counterfeiting Electronic Money As A Weapon
When Money Becomes Worthless, Taiwan In Flux.
Santa Anna's Revenge, Counterfeiting Financial Instruments.
The Merry Women of Equity Funding And Counterfeiting.

Plagiarism, Taking Something That is Not Yours And Saying It Is!
A Brief History of Plagiarism.
The First Copies, Minting Phony Coins.
Fritz Kreisler - Plagiarism, The Name Is Kreisler
How Could You Do It Martin? I Have a Dream, And Its Not Mine!
Ming Screws Up, Chinese Flub.
Plagiarism Around the Globe, I can Make Better At Home.
Going Hollywood.
Will The Real Howard Hughes Please Stand Up?
Philosophy, How to Get Your Point Across Without Going to Jail.
Et Tu Shakespeare.
Steven Ambrose, The Fall Of The Mighty.
A Touch Above.
India, Intellectual Property, What is That?

Forgery, A Game For The Talented
A Brief History of Forgery.
The Real Piltdown Man.
Hitler Diaries, Der Spiegel Gets Soaked.
James Maybrick, The Real Jack The Ripper.
The Good Old Days Weren't Really So Hot..
Lock Box - Check Forgery, Brilliantly Conceived.
Not a Collectable- Stamp Forgery.
Jean de Sperati- King of the Stamp Forgers.
Stealing An Identity, It’s A Living.
Crime City, The Magnificent Iguaçu Falls Are Here Too.
Phony Ballots, The Easiest Country To Buy Becomes Expensive.

Copying The Great Artistic Masters For Fun And Profit,
The Getty Museum Gets Stuck.
Elmyr de Hory, He Could Do Them All!
Hans van Meegeren, Better Than The Original
Columbian Art, You Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard!.
The German's Recreated History To Fit The Propoganda
Which Cardiff Giant Was The Real Fake?
Eric Hebborn  - Faking it.
John Myatt, Artistic Forger.
Mark Hoffman and the White Salamander Collection
The Minor Leagues of Art Fraud.

Fraud, The Garden Variety
A Brief History of Fraud.

The Mississippi Bubble, Selling Them What They Don't Need.
Daniel Drew Vs the Commodore and His Private Navy.
Only A Game, 21, Taking a TV Fall.
Boesky and Levine, The Terrible Twosome, White Color Crime.
BCCI - A Shell Game, The Bank For Criminals.
Credit Lyonnais Gets It Wrong, France Takes The Fall.
Call Me Mr. Keating, Sonny.
Making Phar-Mor, Phar-Less, One Of The Great Private Thefts
ESM Government Securities Shell Game.
Bre-X Upended, Buckshot-Gold.
Crazy Eddie And His Cooked Books.
Penn Square Crumbles, Making Loans Without Money.
ZZZZ Best Plan For Cleaning Up In The World.
Politics, the Good, the Bad and the Symington.
Wedtech Corporation,  The Political Incorrect South Bronx.
Paracelsus Poorcare, Dr. Hartmut Krukemeyer Knew The System

The Swindle In All Its Glory
A Brief History of Swindling.
Artur Alves Reis.
The Bank of Sark. Or When Is A Bank Not A Bank.
Thoroughly Modern Monas.
No Business Like Show Business.
Livent, One of the Best Shows on Wall Street but It Closed Early.
Tilden Vs Hayes: Was It A Government Swindle?
A Touch Of Nigeria, I Have Money To Dispose Of. .
A Tale of Woe, Part II..

Charities Are Not Exempt From Swindling Their Benefactors
Charities Were Not Always What They Are Cracked Up To Be.
International Christian Relief Was Not Very Charitable.
America’s Future, Maybe Yes, Maybe No.

The Great Names Of Swindling, They Made It An Art Form
Billy Sol Estes We Are Proud of You, The Boy’s In Fertilizer You Know.
Dr. Noe I Presume.

Espionage & Counter-Espionage, The Fairer Sex Thrives
A Brief History of Espionage.

Ann Bates.
Miss Jenny.
Sarah Bradlee Fulton.
Violet Szabo.
Rose O’Neal Greenhow.
Belle Boyd.
Pauline Cushman.
Elizabeth Van Lew.
Elsbeth Schragmuller.
Edith Cavell.
Virginia Hall.
Mata Hari.

The Art Of The Deal, The Best Of The Rest

The Hallow Nickel.
Moe Berg, The Most Valuable Player.
The South Almost Won The War.
The Invasion?,   err, yeah, it’s ..right over … there.
The Thing Could Listen And Spit Nickels Simultaneously .

Corporate Espionage, A Growth Industry.
Texaco Screws Up Big-Time
General Motors and Volkswagen -“Trade” secrets.
Counter Espionage, Paying To Play At A Higher Level.

Internet Crime, Wondrous Opportunities.
World Wide Crime Web, Its A New World Charlie Brown .
Calling Card Fraud, Finding A Way To See Through The Maze. .
Online Auctions, A Kind Of Dumb Idea.
The Pump-and-Dump, What You See Is Not What You Get.
Internet Credit Card Fraud,.
Dot.com Business Opportunities that Aren’t.
Mis-Routing Mis-Direction, Breaking The Bank!.
The FBI Gets In Its Licks, Just Helping Out.



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