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Accounting, Accounting, Accounting

 Accounting fraud hardly started with Arthur Anderson and their friends at Enron. It has been with civilization since the "Abacus" was invented. This lengthy  treatise examines the total lack of accountability by the large auditing firms in the United States since the passage of the 1933 and 1934 securities acts by Congress. This piece is chronologically  arranged so that you can take an accounting roller- coaster ride through time and space, within an industry that neither policies itself nor is overseen by substantial regulation. Learn how to figure out which company will be next to fall pray to this overriding element of greed.

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Ready or Not, Here Come the Banks

This story relates to the newly regulated ability banks in the United States to control almost all aspects of the present day economic realities. Because of the economic hardships created by the "Crash" of 1929, someone had to be the fall guy and the banks took the hit. The banks, as their punishment, were able to own brokerage firms and insurance companies for the next 70-years, but all that has changed. This has created a witch's brew-type potpourri of unrelated federal and state government regulation. While banking officials attempt to deal with deregulation, they have gone on a binge of acquisitions. This may have occurred quickly.

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Geopolitics & Monumental Real Estate

An inside glimpse into the national strategies of specific, globally critical countries and how these policies came into being from a socio-historic point of view. Furthermore, this article also shows how project development has been influenced by the embedded social thinking. Learn who's doing what to whom and why and what they are going to be doing in the future. Find out how this is going to affect your destiny.

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Diamonds are Forever, Almost

Diamonds are hardly worth the carbon that they are made from except for the fact that they have been the subject of the greatest public relations type campaign in the history of commerce. Take a walk through history and see how diamonds have been shown to take on new values by some of the best public relations and advertising firms on earth. Learn what the commercials that you are watching on diamonds are really saying and why and what step in this is on-going shell-game, is going to be. Read how diamonds have been supporting the ravaging of the continent of Africa.

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The Koreas Revisited, A Critical Analysis - Point of View

No one on earth is more aware of the danger posed by North Korea than its brothers in South Korea. The South Korean's realizing that at any given moment they could be turned into a charred cinder block by a comic book reading despot whose population is starving while he lives in the lap of luxury, have turned themselves into pretzels in order to accommodate his ravings. These North Korean's produce some of the most sophisticated armaments in the world and are crazy enough to use them at any given time. These folks make the people in Iraq look sane.

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Belarus. - Point of View

An "undersized" country run by a Russian style imperialist whose ego is only matched by his psychosis. By being the only Eastern Block Nation current on their payments to loyal bureaucrat. Senior officials in Belarus have managed to stay in office despite one of the worst economies on earth. However, one could view the country's recent desire to merge with Russia as something out of  "Alice in Wonderland".

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