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Re: Don't See any problem with Pennsylvania's Proposal.
Chapman, Spira & Carson - Disscusion

From: Jerry Laden
Date: 5/15/99
Time: 1:29:28 PM
Remote User:


I don't see a single thing wrong with paying for transplants as long as the amount is not something that is going to make a substantial difference. Pennsylvania as I understand it is going to give a bounty of $300 for an organ or organs. My guess that a Liver is going for $25,000 - $50,000 on the black market or over in China where we have heard that they will pick a prisoner from the yard with a compatible tissue culture and execute him for his organs if they have a buyer or buyers. Talk about the parts business..

The money involved in the proposal in Pennsylvania is more symbolism than anything else, no one is going to get rich from getting $300 dollars, hell my nephew's bicycle costs ten times that. It is meant to pay for people to just make sure they go through the effort of filling out the right forms and filing the thing.

I am not sure of how many people are aware of the fact that there are still two sets of blood donors in this country, the volunteers and the professionals. The Pro's don't get much for the their blood but the $20 or $30 bucks that they collect is used to pay bills and other stuff. So the local Elks club is running a blood drive and everyone in the Elks gets out and donates blood. Eventually someone receives that blood and do you, for one minute think that the recipient does not have to pay for it, think again. The last time I checked, yesterday , the hospital was charging the same arm and a leg for the blood no matter who the donor was. Whatever that means.

Anyway, we all no that there is no free lunch. The treasury used ask citizens to rat on their compatriots for evading taxes. Nobody ratted, now they pay 10% of what is recovered and everybody is ratting. What about Government Contracts, the U. S. Government said, "everyone should be a good citizen and turn in their bosses if they were cheating on Government Contracts. Yeah sure, maybe that would work in the heat of World War II, but not today Houdini. So they also cut the squealers in for a piece, as I recollect, 10% of the pie and everybody started turning in their best friends. Additional examples abound, but why bother, the point is that $300 bucks is chum change in this arena, those holier than thou creeps that are complaining about Pennsylvania setting a bad example should be complaining that their local hospital is marking up the blood on a worst case basis by 500% and somehow we seem to think that this is alright.

Cheers to Pennsylvania for an idea that will get everyone off the dime and start us thinking about this problem that is causing an enormous, unnecessary loss of lives every year. Cheers to Robert Spira for coming up with the answer, subject to kicking the tires a little more. Why in the Hell should someone that isn't willing to donate organs get them ahead of someone that is. Robert you are righter than rain. Talk about a level playing field.

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