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Re: Partners/Investors/Venture Capital for Our Indian Projects
Chapman, Spira & Carson

From: John Casella
Date: 2/16/99
Time: 5:39:06 AM


I think that India is finally emerging as a place to do business. After a half century of failed economic experiments, the picture if finally coming together.

It appears to us that the most critical event in the last five years was the cancellation and rebirth of the Enron power transaction. It appeared that the deal was dead as a doornail, and indeed it sat fallow for a number of years, but then out of nowhere it came back in spades.

Sure, it was the result of demand outweighing compromise, but in the old days it never would have happened at all.

Welcome, India to the 20th Century, but soon in will be the 21st and she will have to try even harder.

A good start.

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